At Wexford Agincourt Baseball League, our goal is to get as many scheduled games in as we can. Our schedules are packed from beginning to end of the season so we try to avoid cancellations as much as possible. We will not cancel games based on forecast alone. Our preference is to decide gameplay based on weather and field conditions as of 5 p.m. on game days (or an hour and a half prior to start times). We actually visit our diamonds to verify playability on rain days. 

As much as we don’t want our players getting soaked, we also don’t want to cancel only to have the weather conditions stay playable. We will play in light rain in most cases depending on how long it’s been raining and how wet the fields are. Rain earlier in the day doesn’t necessarily mean games will be cancelled as most of our fields dry very quickly. Again, our goal is to have games played.

If games are cancelled, you will receive an email by 5 p.m. The information will also be posted on our Twitter and Facebook feeds. If active weather changes after 5 p.m., cancellation will be a game time decision and players should be at the park to avoid having teams forfeit games.

You do not need to have Facebook or Twitter to view our posts. As long as you can access our website, you can see both feeds towards the bottom of the page.

A cancellation post will usually look like this:

example only:

Friday, April 28th – All Rookie Ball games 

are cancelled due to current weather and field conditions

Please note that there will be separate messages for each age group affected. Please also read the whole message as sometimes we may cancel games at one park but not another. Or we may cancel games for one age group and not another. Some parks hold water better than others and some age groups are more susceptible to the weather conditions.

With all that being said, sometimes cancellations are out of our hands as the City of Toronto Parks Department will, at times, advise us to stay off the diamonds in order to protect them.

If you are unsure of the weather, please check your email or our social feeds prior to leaving for the park.

Please do not email and phone asking if we are playing. If you do not receive a cancellation notice by 5 p.m., assume we are playing.