Rowan’s Law

As you may be aware, the Province of Ontario has enacted Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety) meant to ensure concussion protection for youth athletes across the province. It requires all sport organizations, which includes Baseball Ontario (which includes Wexford Agincourt Baseball League) to have a Concussion Code of Conduct. This Concussion Code of Conduct requires all participants to review and acknowledge the Ontario Government’s issued Concussion Awareness Resources on an annual basis.

Under Rowan’s Law, before any player can be registered with the local association and Baseball Ontario, the player, and the parent or legal guardian of the player if the player is under 18 years of age, must review one of the Concussion Education Resources (below) provided by the Province of Ontario and acknowledge it has been reviewed by signing the waiver.

At Wexford Agincourt Baseball League, the waivers are a part of the online registration process and must be acknowledged and accepted online before a player registration is considered complete.

To learn more about Rowan’s Law and concussion safety, please click here.

Please read and review the appropriate e-book:

Ages 10 and under Concussion Awareness Resource

Ages 11-14 Concussion Awareness Resource

Ages 15 and Up Concussion Awareness Resource

Coaches, umpires and players who do not provided acknowledgement of Rowan’s Law on an annual basis will not be eligible to participate in Baseball Ontario activities.