Wexford-Agincourt Baseball League is run entirely by volunteers. If you’re considering getting involved, here’s a look at the various roles and responsibilities.


The president presides over all meetings, is a member of any standing or special committees and oversees all league operations. The president will also sit on the Executive as Past President for a maximum of two years.

Vice President of House League 

The Vice President of House League oversees all house league general operations. This person is also responsible for performing the duties of the President in their absence.

Vice President Select

The Vice President Select oversees the select coaches, registers select teams with the OBA and TBA, manages any teams participating in the Select Loop, and keeps the executive informed of any tournament requests and approvals. As well, this person is responsible for organizing any tournaments that the league chooses to host.


The Treasurer collects and receipts all fees, keeps the books, and ensures that the league’s affiliation fees are paid to the SBA.


The Secretary is responsible for issuing the agenda, reporting the minutes of all meetings as well as receiving and filing all correspondences.


The Registrar is responsible for keeping an updated file of all players, as well as ensuring all players are property registered as to age and residential requirements. The registrar is also responsible for collecting money and issuing receipts, as necessary.

Equipment & Uniform Manager

This role can be filled by one person or split to be filled by two. This person is responsible for purchasing all necessary equipment and ensuring all equipment bags are ready for team use, and other necessary equipment is in good working order. As uniform manager, this person is responsible for the purchase and distribution of all uniforms.

Convenors (5U, 7U, 11U, 13U, 15U, 18U)

Convenors are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the House League Division. This includes administering all rules and regulations and communicating them to coaches. Each age group convenor is also responsible for organizing practices and workouts at the beginning of the season to create balance teams and will then assign players to teams accordingly. The convenor will also keep records of the standing for the division (with the exception of 5U and 7U). Each convenor also creates a list of players who are willing to be called up to the next age division for distributions to coaches in that age division.

Throughout the season, the convenor acts as the primary point of contact for players, parents and coaches with respect to league activities and complaints, and liaises with the appropriate executive member, when necessary, to resolve any issues. (E.g. equipment repair/replacement, missing uniforms, field preparation, rules clarification, umpire issue, player placement, etc.)


The Umpire-in-Chief is responsible for acquiring, training, scheduling and paying umpires.

Sponsorship Chairperson

The Sponsorship Chairperson is responsible for soliciting sponsors for all house league teams, liaising with the Uniform Manager (e.g. colours and logos), and writing thank you letters to all sponsors at the end of the season.

Publicity Director

The Publicity Director is responsible for coordinating picture day, as well as ensuring that any information regarding tournaments is shared in the appropriate places (e.g. websites, social media, local papers.)

Event Coordinator

The Event Coordinator organizes Opening Day and Closing Day activities. This person also arranges for award distribution on Closing Day.


The Webmaster maintains the website on a regular basis.


The scheduler is responsible for creating and managing the House League schedule.

Director of Player Development

The Director of Player Development is responsible for improving the baseball skills of participants by providing training drills, practice plans, or individual or group instruction.