That’s a wrap on the 2017 baseball season! And we want to take a moment to thank everyone in our Wexford Agincourt Baseball League family for helping to make this our greatest season yet.

Let’s start with house league, where it was a record year. For comparison, in 2016 we had 355 kids registered; in 2017, we had 423 kids registered! Here’s how the breakdown looked:

  • 82 in T-ball for a total of 8 teams
  • 126 in Rookie Ball for a total of 9 teams
  • 117 in Mosquito for a total of 9 teams
  • 61 in Peewee for a total of 5 teams
  • 22 in Bantam for a total of 2 teams
  • 16 in Midget for a total of 1 team.

While having an odd number of teams in some age divisions at first appeared to cause some scheduling challenges, what this actually led to was more scheduled practice time for every team, which meant a greater focus on skills development.

And this certainly led to some great house league teams! In the Scarborough play-downs this year (where the top house league team in each age division competes against the top house league teams in other Scarborough leagues), our Rookie Ball and Peewee teams came home as champions. Our Mosquito team was a finalist.

Our select teams also faired well this year. The Mosquitos made it to the quarterfinals in the TBA playoff tournament and the Peewees finished fourth overall. In 2018, it looks like we’ll have enough players to field 2 Mosquito teams, 2 Rookie Ball teams and 1 Peewee team.

Fall baseball was also a success and we took full advantage of the perfect weather conditions (because, as we all know, whether was a challenge during the summer baseball season) — with 52 kids registered for our fall development league and another 102 who came out for our free training sessions.

Thank you once again for making this a great season and we can’t wait to see you all back in 2018!