Dear Community Member,

We hope you, your family and your team are having a nice winter and that 2023 is treating you well!

We are Wexford Agincourt Baseball League, your local community not-for-profit youth baseball league. Our organization has been fostering a love of baseball in children and helping them to develop their skills in a safe and fun environment since 1963. As a non-profit community organization, we aim to empower youth to be active and engaged in group sport and involvement in their community. This in turn builds confidence and life skills for success. We run six age divisions of recreational House League play, as well as several divisions of Select (all-star) play for children between the ages of 4 and 18.

In 2022, we played a full season from May 2nd to August 21st. Our League had 29 House league teams and six Select All-Star teams. There were a total of 324 players that participated throughout the season.

With great excitement, we were able to hold our normal Opening and Closing Day ceremonies which had been absent the previous two summers. It truly was a fantastic season and it was so wonderful to see every player and their families having an incredible summer of baseball once again, and to begin to bring back some normalcy to our children.

We hope that we can count on you as a sponsor for the 2023 Summer Season. Our games, player development events, coaching clinics and tournament play are integral to this effort. All of our League members and coaches are made up entirely of volunteers, so it truly is a Community effort to bring youth baseball to Scarborough Agincourt! We could really use your help! We would love to hear from you and tell you more about our sponsorship program at Wexford Agincourt Baseball League. Please feel free to email us:

Your support in sponsoring one of our teams is so greatly appreciated. As always, our community sponsors will have their company name and logo printed on a set of team jerseys and will also appear on our league website, which averages over 7,000 page views per month during the spring/ summer baseball season. We are also happy to distribute along with the uniforms any literature, pamphlets, vouchers or anything that provides increased value to our membership. We would also be pleased to provide digital advertising on our social media platforms for any specials, offers or sale events your business may be promoting throughout the season. We hope you will take this opportunity to advertise your business directly to families in your area, while supporting the kids!

We look forward to our partnership with you; together we can make our 2023 youth baseball season another great success!

Virginia Kazis
Sponsorship Coordinator

Darryl Harding

And a huge thank you, once again, to all of our 2022 team sponsors!

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