Umpire FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in becoming an umpire at Wexford Agincourt Baseball League? Here’s what you need to know to sign up and register for the umpire clinic, as well as the equipment you will need to buy, how shifts are assigned and how much you’ll be paid per game.

Where can I find relevant Baseball Ontario Links?

We’ve pulled together some resources that, as an umpire, you may find useful.

Access your Baseball Ontario account and look up your card number

See Umpire Positioning manual

Other relevant Umpiring Links from Baseball Ontario

Baseball Ontario Injury forms

How old do I have to be to umpire?

Umpires must be a minimum of 13 years of age by the end of the current calendar year.

How do I get started?

Your first step is to get an umpire number from the Ontario Baseball Association so you will be able to register for an umpire training clinic in the spring. If you’ve already got a number, you can use the one you have. You won’t be able to attend a clinic unless you pre-register using this umpire number. This umpire number stays with you as long as you are an umpire in Ontario.

To get your umpire number, please visit Baseball Ontario.

Click on Umpire Registration, then ‘New Umpire Registration’. For Affiliate, choose Toronto Baseball Association. For Club, choose Wexford-Agincourt. Once you have an umpire number, please review the outline of certification.

Finally, let our umpire-in-chief know, at, when you have your number so we are aware of your intentions to umpire with us this season.

How do I register for a clinic?

Once you notify us that you have registered for an umpire number, we will know to notify you about the spring umpire clinic. It is a full-day clinic. When we send out the email, please follow the links to register. Fees are typically about $25 for level 1 and $45 for level 2.

What happens if I can’t attend the Wexford clinic?

 If you cannot attend the clinic we have scheduled, you are welcome to register for any other one in Ontario. Find a full list of clinics here.

Is there a dress code for umpires?

You will need grey or dark pants, with a wide enough leg to accommodate shin pads if you are the home plate umpire. Track pants are acceptable to begin with, but you should plan to acquire some dress pants.

You will need a dark coloured baseball cap, preferably one with no logo. Your house league ball cap is acceptable.

Running shoes or cleats must be black or white. Neon or other colours are note acceptable.

You will need an umpire jersey. You can buy one from National Sports or Eagle Beaver for $45 or you can borrow one from the league for a $45 deposit. At the end of the season, should the shirt be returned in good condition, your full deposit will be refunded. If needed, we can deduct your deposit from your first payments.

Do I need to buy equipment?

When starting out as an umpire, we provide the protective gear needed for each game. For Mosquito and Peewee games, umpire gear is available in storage boxes near the diamond or in the field house. Coaches have access. Rookie Ball umpires typically don’t need gear.

You will need to purchase your own an umpire kit (ball bag, indicator, brush). These are commonly available at National Sports, Eagle Beaver, Canadian Tire, for $20-25.

Once the season starts, how will I get my game assignments?

Umpires are typically assigned to at least one game per week. Assignments are sent out by email approximately one week ahead of time. Please accept or decline an assignment within 24 hours. If you know you will not be available on certain days for any reason (e.g. games of your own, exams, family commitments), please let me know as soon as you know, so you won’t get an assignment that day.

If you must cancel an assignment you have accepted, please do so at least 24 hours in advance so a replacement can be found.

What’s expected of me when I show up for a game?

Once you accept an assignment, please arrive at the assigned park at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start. This allows you to:

  • Assess field conditions
  • Have a quick conversation with each coach to be sure they have enough players
  • Meet your partner and discuss who is doing home plate/bases
  • Get your gear on if you are plate umpire
What happens if the weather is bad on game day?

If games are cancelled by the league in advance, you will be contacted by text, phone and/or email. League decisions on cancellations are posted on the Wexford’s Twitter feed (@WABLTwins) by 5 p.m. for weeknight games.  

If you receive no information about a cancellation, please arrive at the park 15 minutes before game time, as expected.

How much will I get paid?

Our payments for House League and Select games depend on your certification level.

Level Rate per game
1.1 $23
1.2 $25
2.1 $27
2.2 $29
2.3 $31

If the game is cancelled late (anytime within 1 hour of game time, and before the home plate meeting), you will be paid a ‘show up fee’ of ½ your usual fee.  If umpire judgment Is required to cancel the game (e.g. severe rain, lighting) either during or after the home plate meeting, umpires will be paid the full rate.

How do I get paid?

Our umpire-in-chief is at Wishing Well park once a week to pay umpires for games the previous week. You will be notified of which day that is at the start of the season. Umpires are paid in cash, less any deductions for jerseys or equipment. If you can’t make it to Wishing Well on payday, your payment will be kept until you can pick it up.