Winter has finally given way to spring and that means baseball season is about to get underway.


Select baseball is a program that we run in addition to our House League Program. Select players must be registered and play in our house league program to be eligible to play Select. There is an additional cost to play select. Select games are played on Sunday evenings throughout the season and teams may enter tournaments as well. Players are chosen for each select team by the team’s coach based on his/her opinion of player abilities. 

May 1st to 4th –  at Wishing Well Park – 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Tuesday, May 1st – Peewee Tryouts (years of birth 2005 and 2006)

Wednesday, May 2nd – Mosquito #1 Team tryouts (George’s group and any players born 2007)

Wednesday, May 2nd – Bantam Select (2003 and 2004 years of birth)

Thursday, May 3rd – Rookie Ball Select (2009, 2010 years of birth)

Thursday, May 3rd – Mosquito #2 Team Tryouts (Tom’s group and any players born 2008)

Rainout date for any of these tryouts will be Saturday, May 5th. (Times to be determined)


T-Ball – Tuesday, May 8th (Rain Date – Thursday, May 10th)

Rookie Ball – Monday, May 7th and Wednesday May 9th

Mosquito – Tuesday, May 8th and Thursday May 10th

Peewee – Monday, May 7th and Wednesday May 9th

Bantam – Tuesday, May 8th (Rain date: Thursday, May 10th)

Midget – Wednesday, May 9th (Rain date: Friday, May 11th)


Players will be placed on temporary teams for exhibition games for the week of May 14th to 17th.  Games are used for further player evaluation and training for our new umpires.  Full exhibition schedule will be posted and emailed Monday, April 30th.

Players will be sorted onto their teams for the summer by end of day, Sunday May 20th. You will receive an email stating that your player has been moved from the FREE AGENT LIST to whichever team they are on (e.g. FREE AGENT LIST to ROOKIE BALL TEAM #1.)

The week of May 22 to 24th will have each newly formed team playing an exhibition game. Again, this schedule will be shared on Monday, April 30th.  Bantam and Midget teams schedules will be advised separately as they are prepared by Scarborough Baseball Association for interleague play.


On opening day players will arrive at the park and gather with their team to receive their uniforms and then have their individual and team photos taken. Wexford Agincourt Baseball League Executive and Coaches will BBQ hot dogs for each player as we get set to begin our summer season. The schedule for opening day will be shared via email and on the league website by May 15th when it is finalized by the photographers. We will be using Future Stars and there is the opportunity to buy photo packages in addition to the individual and team photo that we provide. Order forms will be provided to each player at their exhibition games the week of May 22nd to 24th.


The regular season schedule will be posted on the website on May 15th once exact number of teams has been determined. 

Plan on being at one of our parks on the following days by division

T-Ball – All games and practices are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning May 24th

Rookie Ball – All games and practices scheduled Mondays (except holidays) and Wednesdays beginning May 25th

Mosquito – All games and practices are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning May 24th

Peewee – All games and practices scheduled Mondays (except holidays) and Wednesdays beginning May 25th

Bantam and Midget games are scheduled by Scarborough Baseball Association and play 2 nights a week between Monday and Thursday

Once the schedules are available, you will receive email notification or reminders 1 day prior to any scheduled regular season game by email.